Launch an AI agent to discover deals, source hires & create value from your network

TechTree's agents leverage a vast data universe and internal networks to quickly narrow down thousands of results into a shortlist of relevant people in seconds, rather than hours.

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Who we are...

We’re a team of engineers and data scientists with experience from building
internal tools at organisations like Advent International and Mosaic Ventures.

I want to discover...

+ founders
+ candidates
+ new business
+ investors

I want to track...

+ companies
+ people
+ key hires
+ competitors

I want to leverage my network to...

+ improve value creation
+ get warm leads
+ find hires

I want insights on...

+ market trends
+ competitor analysis
+ benchmarking
+ research projects


AI-powered intelligence in different focus industries.


+ Deal sourcing & evaluation
+ Network management
+ Portfolio support

Professional Services

+ Enterprise sales
+ Clients delivery
+ Programmatic recruitment


+ Enterprise sales
+ Programmatic recruitment
+ Fundraising